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The Hintermann’s



My name is Ayla Hintermann, and I’ve been blessed to marry my best friend, Sarah Hintermann on September 21, 2018.







We currently live in California, where we both work full-time in the Bay Area. My career is in the Insurance Industry, whereas Sarah’s is in Retail Management. When we’re not buried into our work, we love to make time for each other and our fur baby, Kaia. (And yes, she does have her own page!)

My Wife Sarah is a huge sports fan! Either come prepared for a bet, or with your stats because she’s on it! She also enjoys spontaneous trips and catching up with her best friends.

I find myself making time for all the femme things! I enjoy online shopping, reading, catching up on Netflix, and more!

The first bouquet of flowers Sarah sent me at work | White Roses

The first bouquet of flowers Sarah sent me at work | White Roses

So how was life before us?

Before us, I didn’t know how much candy would be in my daily intake. (No joke!) Most especially, that Reese’s would be breakfast of champions, with a can of Coke.

Taking it further back, we lived a life missing something unknown to us at the time, and that was real love. Both independent hard-working women with endless goals of what we wanted to accomplish in life. The only difference is how we experienced life from two ends of the spectrum. (That’s a story for another day!) Yet, somehow we found each other in this world.

It all began…

When we met in July of 2015 at an old mutual friends birthday BBQ led by coordinates. (Seriously!) Our mutual friend at the time gave all their guest coordinates to a location in the woods for a party. Normally, I wouldn’t go to these type of functions, because I prefer lounging in my PJs with a good book or scanning Netflix for a good show to binge. But I went… and we instantly noticed each other, as we’re both very observant individuals, but did not make a move to really get to know each other. At the time, we we were both involved in our own relationships. Somehow, we stayed as acquaintances over the years that led us to being friends realizing we had so much in common with mutual friends, and family-friends. Who knew that she would know my childhood family friends in her high school days!? (*cough SCION days)

Although, we had met up only a handful of time over the years, either it being at a Giants Game or my Annual Birthday Shenanigans, we held a very guarded friendship. Both being so cautious of how many layers we were unfolding in our “friendship”, not knowing we were building a strong foundation.

How Did we come up with a 3-Part Wedding?

We knew we wanted a GRAND WEDDING, but we also wanted to cherish every moment after finding out so many married couples were regretting the BIG DAY being such a blur for them.

Part 1 - Intimate Vow & Pre-Moon

In the beginning of September, we said our vows to each other on our balcony during a thunderstorm in Puerto Vallarta overlooking the ocean at night as our sign of good luck is rain, so we knew it was our perfect moment. We also had a photo shoot to commence our intimate moment.

Part 2 - Ceremony

Our ceremony was held at San Francisco City Hall with our core circle; our parents, Maid of Honor and Best Man on September 21, 2018.

Part 3 - Private Reception

There’s no perfect way than to celebrate our new journey, so we hosted our dinner celebration with our closest family and friends at Smith’s Landing located in Antioch, CA.


Our First Dance | Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Fight for the fairytale, it does exist...

Click on the link below for more on what lead up to our Wedding on The Knot. It gave us the best tools for our 3-part wedding vision.

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What’s next…

As we enjoy being Newlyweds, we’re already on our next venture of prepping for pregnancy. How do we plan on doing this? Stay connected by subscribing to my newsletter and being the first to know on latest news!